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Real estate intermediary services

When you are looking for a home to buy in Asturias, we help you find it. Because we live and work in Asturias ourselves we can help you in person. Our services include assisting you directly in your contacts with the agency or private seller. Whenever you need translations during the process, we can do this for you.

In Asturias the collaborating agencies have many more properties than you will find in our listings! Please, let us know what you are looking for. When buying or renting through these agencies our consultancy is free.

Extensive information request

When you decide to come to Asturias, we can prepare an extensive information package on the properties that meet the specifications that you gave us. That way, your visit to Asturias will be well spent. This package will not only supply information on the selected properties, but also on the settings with general information (shops, public transport, etc.) about the nearest village, town, nature parks.

Natural paradise

Asturias is a beautiful province in the north of Spain. The inhabitants call it Natural Paradise because of its green mountains, the beautiful coastline and rich nature.
There is plenty of space for all kinds of activities. From hiking and mountain climbing to surfing and canoeing. You can go horse riding, cycling, fishing on the ocean…, too much to name it all. But you can also relax on one of the many beaches and enjoy a swim in the clean waters.
Find out about the dinosaurs that lived here some 200 million years ago. Take a look at the (pre)roman buildings and visit the cave of Tito Bustillo with its prehistoric paintings. Try your luck and search for the gold that you can find here. Come and visit Asturias!

Native speaker

Do you need the help of a native speaker? We know people who would like to assist you.

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